Here’s How to Know If Your Website Has a Bad Layout and How to Fix It

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There are over 1.5 billion websites live on the internet today.

Some of these websites will flow well and have fantastic designs.

Other websites are poorly laid out, difficult to use, and do not promote their brand well.

The latter can hinder your sales and business progress. To find out whether you have a bad website layout, continue reading below to find examples of poor design.

Design Chaos

If your website doesn’t have any type of structured design, and you simply cram information onto a page, then it’s going to be hard for the user to access the information they need.

This is normally combined with no brand conformation, random colors, and unreadable text.

What is the point of having a website that no one can read?

To fix this issue, hire a professional web developer to build a website that conforms to your brand and is user-friendly. Your business will thank you in the long run.

Little Contrast

Does your website contain similar colors? Like yellow on a white background, or a light grey background with white writing?

Poor contrast makes text blurry to read, even to the healthiest eyes. To fix this, your background and text should be contrasting enough. One should be a very light color and the other a very dark color.

Dark text on light backgrounds are easier to read than light text on a dark background, so bear this in mind when thinking about a color palette.

Non-Responsive Design

This is crucial to website usability.

Many users will be on a mobile phone or tablet device and the website should still function fully on both of those devices.

A horizontal scroll is a huge no-no!

To fix this, ensure your website is designed in a responsive way and looks professional across a range of devices. Don’t forget iOS and Android devices are different — ‘one size’ will not fit all in this case.

Bad Navigation

A user searches and clicks on your website and wants to be able to find the information they are looking for quickly.

If they can’t find what they want instantly, they will move on to the next website in their Google search.

Improve navigation issues by ensuring your home page is clean and the navigation bar is clear, simple, and descriptive. Dropdown menus with various sub-categories can help with organizing a lot of information.

No White Space

If a whole website is full of color and text, there’s little break for your user’s eyes.

It may end up looking more like a child’s painting than a professional website.

Utilize white space on every single page. Your content should be written in 2-3 sentence paragraphs, with ample white space between headers and graphics. This will increase the readability of your content.

Fix Your Bad Website Layout Today!

A bad website layout could hinder your sales and prevent potential customers from contacting you.

A website designed for functionality and in keeping with your brand’s vision will help to boost customer engagement.

For more information on how we can help improve your website, contact us.