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Transitioning In Your Business?
Partner With Jonesen To Care For Your Clients!

Considering a transition away from Web and Hosting services? We’ll pay you cash for those accounts and ensure those clients thrive!
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Step 1: Let's Talk

Tell us about your websites and your clients but keep their information private (we have a spreadsheet to guide you).

Step 2: Due Diligence

We evaluate the info you provide us and ask any follow-up questions needed to get a good picture of the deal.

Step 3: Valuation

We formulate a specific offer including terms for the transition of accounts and payment for the accounts.

Step 4: Ink the deal

Agreement - you send us the signed agreement along with the contact information for the accounts and we send you MONEY $$$.

Step 5: Announcement

Together we craft an announcement to your clients about the switch.

Step 6: Burden Relieved

Enjoy! Whatever your next entrepreneurial venture, or stage of life, a bundle of cash for your clients will launch you into that phase comfortably.

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