Whether you are one of our entrepreneur acquisitions, who is transferring their book of business, or a web designer transferring one domain to us on behalf of a client, Jonesen desires to put things in order for the client as quickly as possible.

There are FIVE things we need from you to accomplish this:

1. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING: During the transition we request that no changes are made to client’s website webhosting plan, files, accounts, linked files etc.  We will notify you and the client that the transfer is complete and the appropriate data destruction policy may then be executed.


  • WordPress: Please provide
    • Address of the admin panel (e.g. or
    • Administrator Username/Password
  • FTP: Please provide
    • HOST
    • Username/Password
    • Port number (e.g. 21)
  • MYSQL: Please provide the
    • Myphpadmin web link
    • DB Administrator Username/Password

3. ANALYTICS DATA: Please add [email protected] as an administrative user on the Google Analytics profile for the website being transferred.  Please see the screenshot that shows the settings required.  Once we receive the notification, from our side we will remove you as an administrator for the account.

Settings Google Analytics

Settings for Google Analytics data transfer


4. DOMAIN: If the domain was not registered in the name of the client please provide the domain transfer details so that we can transfer the domain into their name.  For details on this process please try one of the links below or check with your registrar.

5. MISC INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Please let us know if you need to transfer additional intellectual property belonging to the client. Such as:

  •  Raw vector drawings (graphics and logos) from Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator etc (e.g. .ai,  .psd, .eps files)
  •  Video files that have been uploaded to media hostings sites. (e.g. youtube, mediafire, vimeo etc)

Finally, nine of ten WordPress websites can be transferred successfully using these simple instructions however, special circumstances will be accommodated to ensure the client’s successful transfer.

Please ping us immediately if you have any issues along the way and we will move quickly to resolve.