Jonesen parts with SiteBox CMS Attention SiteBox users!

If you are getting this email, that means you are one of our SiteBox users. 

Jonesen is committed to delivering exceptional software and services to our customers. As many of you have noticed, there have been several server incidents resulting in website downtime.  This downtime was due to the physical hardware combined with the legacy code that your website is built on.  

We’re happy to announce we’ve completed a migration to a newer, more stable server and did not charge for the migration or upgrade.

However, another issue looms in the relatively near future for all Sitebox websites. Sitebox’s content management system uses a version of code that is no longer supported and several versions behind. To ensure all Sitebox websites can continue to function as intended, we must sunset (end) the Sitebox CMS system.  

Nerd Details:

If you’re asking yourself, “what exactly is a CMS again?” the CMS is the portal you use to make changes to your website.  The website may continue to exist post-sunset, but with limited functionality.  Therefore, clients must transition to a more robust solution that is well supported and will help them into the future. 

What now?

To ensure we’re offering the best to our clients, we want to give you every opportunity to consider your options prior to this change taking place. We will continue to support and maintain the Sitebox ecosystem to the best of our ability through October 2021. 

We have sent emails and called regarding your options going forward; please reach out if you still need to connect with us. You can be sure incredible customer service and the best quality will be maintained with the new options.