A custom volunteer solution built just for Day of Caring

We help United Way chapters streamline their Day of Caring workload.


How It Works
Step 1: Nonprofit agencies request volunteers during Day of Caring and provide project details.
Step 2: An event is created based on the form inputs
Step 3: Browse and search for all available Day of Caring events

Step 4: Claim the opportunity
Step 5: Send out link to the volunteer waiver

For Non Profit organizations
Non profit representatives can easily create an event listing that describes what they need help with, set the number of volunteers needed, and add important contact information. Best of all, the non profit representatives will get an email notification when a volunteer has claimed a spot for their day of caring event. This allows the non profit organization representative to reach out directly to their volunteers.

For Volunteers
Volunteers can browse through the available volunteer opportunities to find the perfect match! The volunteers can then “claim” their spot and be connected with the non profit representative for any questions they might have.

For United Way Staff
While the application helps connect volunteers and non profit representatives, it also generates full-scope reports that help to keep track of what volunteer opportunities still need volunteers and what volunteers are scheduled for each opportunity.

our goal is to streamline your workload and give you the insight you need to make the annual event go as smooth as possible.