Your Ecommerce Empire: Why Using WordPress Is A Smart Idea For Your Ecommerce Site

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The e-commerce industry has grown exponentially over the past five years.

Today, it commands over 45.5% of the entire web. It is evident that today, more and more people are buying online. In 2012, there were over $1.92 trillion in sales made through e-commerce.

WordPress is an excellent CMS that is not only popular but also easy to use. Even with this knowledge, many people are reluctant to use it. We are here to tell you that it is something you should consider.

WordPress is impressive, with a whopping 60 million businesses using it. More than 50% of CMS bases websites have it at their back end.

Here are some reasons why a WordPress ecommerce site is something you should focus on in the future.

WordPress Ecommerce Site Cost Effectiveness

For most business owners, especially those with small businesses, the thought of creating a website from scratch isn’t a very pleasant one.

Gone are the days when creating ecommerce sites was expensive. With WordPress, development and designing costs are cut by half. Designers can update your content for a much lower cost.

Another great thing is that you can outsource the website design team. As long as the designer has access to the internet, they can make changes from anywhere in the world.

A designer will also create a theme that will be perfect for your current business model, logo, and site design.

More Plugins

WordPress also gives you the advantage of having plugins. These are small add-ons that you can install and import and use in your online store.

Here, you will also enjoy the fact that you do not need to have any programming experience. The dashboard has you covered with how easy it is to understand. You can find a new plugin directly from your site.

These plugins offer e-commerce-specific benefits. A great example is WooCommerce, a popular plugin that allows you to take the standard WordPress site and make it a fully functional e-commerce store.

You will still have to upload products and build more features into your store. However, the general processes are made easier. It is excellent for business owners who do not have much capital and do not know much about creating a custom store.

The WordPress plugins that have been recently added help simplify the SEO processes. A good example is Yoast SEO, which comes with numerous SEO advantages that will give your website a higher ranking with search engines.

The plugins will also evaluate the effectiveness of SEO in your pages and recommend ways you can improve.

Using WordPress

WordPress is not perfect—it has some downsides as well. However, the pros of a WordPress ecommerce site far outweigh the cons.

It gives you numerous free and paid services: control over your website, open source CMS, and intuitive user interface with numerous developmental possibilities for advanced users. You can use it to make a multipurpose site.

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