Worth Learning From: 5 Cool Website Ideas for 2020

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Nearly half of internet users believe the design of a website determines its credibility. That is because the way your website looks and functions improves the user experience and makes visitors feel safe when using it.

If you are making a new website for your brick and mortar business or starting a new online venture then having a crisp design, engaging layout, and fast uploads will attract and keep people on your web site.

Read on to discover 5 effective cool website ideas.

1. Video or Illustration Hero Header

All great websites have attention-grabbing home pages. The hero header has become a popular way to give your visitors a dramatic entrance.

Graphic photos are a great way to increase your conversion rate. However, the newest trend gets more technical with high definition video and unique illustrations and animations.

Both methods require a fast loading speed and should connect your audience to the purpose of your site.

2. Colored Block Layout

If you are starting a news blog, recipes site, or any niche that showcases articles by category then use cool website layouts using blocks.

Each block contains either a bold transparent background color or a thumbnail of the article’s photo with a concise title. The eye is automatically attracted to sections and continues to browse the content.

This makes the user experience simple as they can choose a relevant category and easily view your article headlines.

3. White With Eye-catching Typography

Some cool website examples that aim to sell products like clothing and electronics can use a simple design to avoid clutter. A white background makes your products pop.

Decide which font to use that increases readability and draws attention to alluring product descriptions. Formal typography in this style will accentuate the security features of your store. Include an SSL seal, secured credit card processing, and easy payment options to ensure your customer follows through with their purchase.

4. Interactive Call to Action

Your web design and hosting go hand-in-hand with this design.

To provide an innovative experience for sites like nonprofits, activism, and education they need a secure and managed hosting to keep personal data safe. This will also allow you to have highly interactive capabilities without lag time. Your site is expected to load in under 2 seconds or else you start to lose traffic.

Allow your visitors to virtually enter your cause to view your mission in action. Include maps and charts that display your progress and end with a call to action. Also, give your constituent options to donate, volunteer, and learn more.

5. Telling an Engaging Story

The best website designs for travel blogs, tech companies, and philanthropy are ones that tell a story. Turning your website into an easy-to-read book ensures that your visitors stay to hear your message.

Start with an engaging introduction and encourage the reader to want more. Use animations to bring your story to life while creating a virtual guide through the whole process of browsing your site.

Getting Started With Cool Website Ideas

As you can see, cool website ideas depend on your niche and business model. Web design isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Rather, each site should be customized exactly for your company.

Get the professionally catered help you need by contacting us about your website vision.