Why Your Website Header is the Most Important Element on Your Website

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The header for your website will be the first thing that anyone sees when they click on your site. It is the gateway to your digital business and is potentially the one thing that will be viewed by customers more than anything else.

We all know that a potential customer will only spend a few seconds on your website before deciding to continue, so an effective website header than draws them in is crucial.

If you want to have a successful digital presence, you’ll need to know what good website headers look like, and why exactly they’re so important. Here’s everything you need to know.

A Website Header Tells People What You’re All About

Website headers are rarely full of words, but the best website headers tell the viewer what they’re all about in an instant.

Think of it as your digital business card, a place to put your logo and a mission statement that lets everyone know your values and goals.

It’s a Chance to Make a Bold Statement

Your webpage header is your best chance to draw people into your website. That means that making it as eye-catching as possible should be a priority.

You could do this by opting for some powerful imagery, or a few short, snappy words which will intrigue viewers and make them want to find out more. Of all the places to be subtle, a website header isn’t it.
A Well-Designed Header Will Boost Your Appeal

Effective webpage header design will give your business a level of allure and professionalism that you can’t get from an email or tweet. We are at heart, prone to first impressions.

If you decide to invest resources into making your website header as sleek as possible, with some impressive interactive features, it could pay off immeasurably.
A Good Header Can Improve User Experience

A webpage header is so much more than just a digital billboard these days. The centerpiece of your website should be loaded with features which makes the user experience as smooth as possible.

At a basic level, this means things like having an easy to read website header size and ensuring all of the right internal links and information that a user could be seeking are all clearly and logically displayed.

Beyond this, it means the kind of smart design that makes navigating your website an enjoyable experience, as well as a straightforward one.

It’s the Place To Show-Off

You may not be the best graphic designer or software developer in the world, but the right header will convince viewers that you are. Your header should at the very least be loaded with enough interactive features or multimedia content to leave a strong impression.

It’s the place to be as fancy and over-the-top as possible, to let people know you mean business.

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