Why Use WordPress to Build a Website? 5 Key Reasons

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If you’re searching for hosts and content management systems (CMS), you have probably already heard of WordPress. Why use WordPress when you could write your own HTML code and/or buy a fuller package with another CMS company. Here are five reasons why using WordPress is a very good idea.

1. It’s the Most Popular Content Management System

It has been downloaded 20 million times, it runs almost 30% of the Internet, and has over 60% of the content management system market share. The fact that it’s so popular is reason enough since 20 million webmasters cannot be wrong. In addition, you will not find a CMS program with more support since there are thousands of forums, websites and YouTube channels videos to about WordPress.

2. Why Use WordPress? Because It’s Easier Than Most to Use

The biggest downside to WordPress is that most websites look very similar. Even with fancy themes, it’s often easy to spot which is a WordPress website and which is not. Getting a reasonably good looking website isn’t difficult with WordPress but it’s difficult with other CMS programs.

Take the example of Yola (also known as MyYola). The service is hit and miss, but its biggest flaw is that you need lots of skill to create a good-looking website. The same rings true for many CMS programs, but not for WordPress.

You could hire a professional to create a WordPress site but it’s easy enough for novices to get started.

3. Plenty of Plugins

It might be argued that the base program should contain more sophisticated tools and that people shouldn’t have to resort to plugins. Yet, if you’re going to resort to plugins, you need a large selection and that is what WordPress has. It’s so popular that most developers will favor creating WordPress plugins over plugins for other CMS programs simply because there’s a larger consumer base for WordPress plugins.

4. WordPress is Easier Than HTML

You can create your own website from scratch, but it’s very time consuming and difficult. Modern threats need to be accounted for and changes in technology too.

Is WordPress easy to use? It’s easy once you have the hang of it. Working with WordPress is not like the Blender animation program where you have to keep referring back to instruction manuals.

It’s not a case of WordPress vs HTML; it’s more about choosing to have full control over your website by creating it yourself or having the convenience of a well-crafted CMS. Also, with HTML vs WordPress, you do need to know how to code in HTML, otherwise you need to rely on a CMS.

5. It Can Be Changed And Adapted

When you build your WordPress website, you are able to add themes and plugins, and you may add your own WordPress HTML and CSS. Also, if you’re a programmer, you may alter the WordPress program itself because it’s open source. You may do this legally, and even sell your work if you wish.

It’s Just Easier

When asking “Why use WordPress?”, the most obvious answer rings clear, it is easy. The program is convenient, adaptable, does its job correctly, and it’s popular. It has its flaws, especially if you want to run an eCommerce website, but otherwise, it’s a fine CMS and should be on any web master’s CMS shortlist.

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