Why Are Daily Website Backups Important?

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A study conducted in 2018 showed that data loss costs users a total of $1.7 trillion each year. This is a figure brought about by either data breach or even accidental erasing of important information in servers and websites.

Thousands of website owners are losing vital data every day. This comes with inconvenience and also monetary loss. It’s highly recommended to have a backup of all your data to avoid this kind of a loss.

Why Are Daily Website Backups Important? Learn about why you should be doing daily website backups and what can happen if you don’t. Keep your website data safe with our help!

1. Prevent Loss of Data

The main reason you should have a daily backup is to ensure that the data that you have on the website is not lost due to any unforeseen issue. You want to have all the important files with you at any time. You do not have to repeat developing the same documents again if you already have a backup.

2. Software and Hardware Malfunction

Sometimes the software that is running your servers or computers can malfunction. This can at times wipe all your data leaving you with no option but to start all over again.

Also, your hardware can fail to perform well leading to loss of data. It’s advisable to have a copy of the data remotely or in multiple places to provide you with a fallback plan.

3. Keep Website Backups to Save You Against Human Error

They say human is to error. There are cases you can run some program and you fail either to save changes or delete data by mistake. A staff member can unknowingly delete a file that holds essential information for your site.

It will save you lots of sweat if you already had saved a copy of the data in a backup position.

4. Prevent Security Breach

Internet is full of many security threats to your data and especially hackers, malware and other targeted attacks. Unfortunately, they do not give a warning when to attack and you should always be prepared for an attack anytime by updating daily.

5. Prevent Disruptions on Revenue Generation

Modern websites are linked to a revenue generation module. For example, if your website has an e-commerce element for your daily revenue, a crash will make you lose important data as well as revenue. By having multiple backups, you can revive your site within minutes avoiding loss of revenue.

6. Compatibility Issues After Updates

Have you ever done a computer or software update only for you not top like the new changes? This can also happen to your site.

In the event you updated a page or made some changes, you need a copy of the old page that you can revert to if you did not like it. A back up can easily aid the reversal.

Backup Your Data

Back up your data every day will save you cash and opportunities we have highlighted the various scenarios that can make you lose data. There are various ways to ensure your data remains safe even after your site crashes.

Ensure website backups are done remotely, has multiple back-ups and you have set the daily automatic updates.

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