Why a Well-Designed Product Landing Page Is So Valuable

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You’ve got a killer product you’re ready to sell.

You’ve even started thinking about marketing and where to place the advertisements for the product.

But how do you build a presence for your product online if you don’t need a full website? Or, where on your website do you want your leads to go once they click on your ad?

The answer is a product landing page, and yours needs to look professional, trustworthy and put together so that you can convert the sales you’re after.

Read on for more information on why a well-designed product landing page could be a big part of your key to success.

What is a Product Landing Page?

In digital marketing, a landing page simply refers to any page that someone “lands” on when they click your advertisement. But, often, a product landing page refers to a specific page that sells your product.

For example, if you’re selling an eBook, you don’t need an entire website devoted to you, unless you’re a guru who has tons of eBooks and lots of content to churn out. Thus, to sell the eBook, you’ll point your customers toward a landing page where they will hopefully purchase your product.

The landing page is almost like an electronic elevator pitch. You have a few minutes to tell those coming to your page why they should buy your eBook.

Your page, which should be well-designed and have a persuasive copy, will not only tell your potential leads why they should buy your eBook, but will convince them as to why they need it.

A landing page, in essence, is a way to capture your leads. Whether they’re leads that mean sales, or something else, like collecting emails for future marketing purposes.

Why is Design Important?

Web design is paramount when it comes to your marketing and marketability of a product or service. If your design doesn’t look professional, you’ve already lost a huge group of people who won’t trust that your product or service is worth it.

Additionally, the design is paramount because it needs to be clear and inviting. It should be responsive so that it works well, and looks like it was made for any device. And it needs to play into the fact that the web itself is visual.

You want a site that is easy for readers to navigate, and one that appeals to their visual senses. Presumably, you’ve already done some type of research to figure out what appeals to your type of customer in terms of preferences.

As such you want to meet and exceed their expectations, in a way that draws their eye toward your product and convinces them to purchase it; but in a way that’s clear, concise and not overwhelming.

Designing a Winning Landing Page

A product landing page needs to have a variety of elements, and it can seem like a challenging proposition. But that’s what we’re here for: to demystify the process and make it as easy as possible.

For more information on help regard the perfect landing page for your clientele and product, contact us today.