What is Web Hosting: A Simple Answer to an Important Question

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Today, there are more than 1.9 billion websites online and this number is growing at an exponential rate. But, there are various stages all these websites have to go through to make their way to the world wide web.

Aside from designing the website and creating the content for it, people with websites also need to find a host. So, what is web hosting?

Read this article to find out more about web hosting and its importance.

What Is Web Hosting?

Unlike popular belief, web hosting is not the same as your domain name. Your domain is the name of your website. For example, www.yourwebsitename.com. Web hosting is what allows you to get your websites online.

The web host or host provider has the technology that allows others to view the website on the internet. They store websites on servers.

To view your website, users type your Uniform Resource Locator (URL) into their web browser. From there, their computer connects them to the server which delivers your webpage to their browser.

Web Hosting Options

There are various web hosting options for you to choose from. The main types include:

  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Managed or curated hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Website builder
  • VPS hosting

The type of web hosting you choose will depend on your budget. It will also depend on the type of website you want to create and the type of content you plan to upload.

Jonesen Curated Difference

Managed, or curated hosting is a more secure and hassle-free alternative to shared hosting. It also allows you to avoid the high costs that come with dedicated hosting.

At Jonesen, we offer curated hosting meaning that your website will always stay connected to the web. Additionally, we work behind the scenes to keep your site safe and up-to-date. Our curated hosting service includes:

  • SSL installation
  • Software updates
  • A reverse proxy
  • Web Application Firewalls (WAF)
  • High speeds
  • Regular back-ups

We also provide analytical tools that allow you to gain insight into your audience while also monitoring your site’s traffic.

The Benefits of Web Hosting

Web hosting allows you to reach your audience. Whether you’re a business with an e-commerce site or an individual with a personal blog, you need a web host to reach your goals.

Above all, the right web host will keep your website live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is especially important because of today’s competitive e-commerce marketplace. Making sure your website is always live will leave a good first impression with customers. It will also ensure that you don’t miss any sales.

Find Out More About Web Hosting at Jonesen

So, what is web hosting? Well, it’s an essential tool that will get your website online. It’s also a key factor in ensuring that your website stays live so that your customers always have access to your services and products.

If you’re looking for web hosting services, why not contact us today? Aside from hosting websites, we also design beautiful and intuitive software to meet all your business needs.