What is Clean Website Design?: Your Complete Guide to Clean Design

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Wondering why customers aren’t staying on your site? It could be something to do with your design.

Of course – your website is a storefront to your business. If you don’t have a clean website design, it will affect the likelihood that people will want to buy from you.

Why Have a Clean Website Design?

Research has shown that simpler designs work better. Below are some of the reasons why your website should be designed in a clear and more simple way.

Timeless Design

Websites can become outdated very quickly. With the speed of the Internet and how it changes, updates come and go in the blink of an eye.

By having an uncomplicated website design, you can make sure you stay relevant – at least aesthetically. Complicated designs become dated very easily.

Scanning For Information

People surfing the Internet really don’t read every word shown to them. In order to make it easy for visitors to digest your content, you should pare back your design to only what is needed.

Getting rid of unneeded elements will help readers find what is most relevant.

More Accessibility

With the growth of the Internet, there are more and more demographics of people to cater to. Not everyone digests information in the same way either.

You should make sure your website has the relevant features to maximize accessibility for a range of people.

The more simple your website design is, more accessible it will be.

Principles Of Clean Design

A clean design itself works by using minimalism combined with efficient visual and stylistic choices. Rather than keeping content to a minimum though, a clean design aims to maximize the user experience.

Each aspect of your site has to be considered meticulously. This means you should be looking at the layout, graphics, and much more.

Any information visible on your site should flow easily and be able to be digested with ease. Clean website design is about the presentation on the whole alongside great navigation.

Here are some of the elements you can look at when thinking about a clean design for your website.

Spatial Detail

When creating a clean design, spacing should be perfect.

Don’t place text on top of other elements and mitigate clutter and graphics from overlapping on your page. Use white space and appropriate margins.


Alignment on your website should be consistent; visitors will be aware of even the smallest changes in alignment, which will affect the impression your website has a little.

Using a grid layout is the best way to get around this issue and make sure the elements of your website are created equally.


There are thousands of different fonts for you to choose from when looking at the typography for your website. You should resist the temptation to go for the craziest fonts, even though some are very interesting and eye-catching.

Make use of simple fonts for most of your text. You can make headers a little more exciting if you would like, but the general text should be easy to read and digest.

Creating a Clean Site

There are plenty more aspects you can look at in order to maximize the cleanliness of your site. Making sure to use the same color schemes, spacing, and more will help to convert your visitors and create a clean website design.

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