What Do All Visually Appealing Websites Have In Common?

Jonesen TeamIndustry Insights

A big part of what makes a great website is how it looks. It takes visitors 50 milliseconds to decide whether or not they like yours.

So make those 50 milliseconds count.

In this article, we show you what visually appealing websites have in common so you can get those visitors to stay on your page.

An Easy to Use Interface

You can have a beautifully made website, but still off visitors if they can’t find what they need.

In this case, bigger (more) isn’t better. If you stuff your website up with busy designs that hide important buttons, consumers can get frustrated trying to put something in their cart. As a result, you end up losing out on sales.

It may actually be better to go with a simple user interface. You can still make a website elegant and appeal with simplicity, so long as you have intuitive design still.

Interesting Pictures and Graphics

Images are great for breaking up sections of your website. Especially so if your product is something a bit more complicated.

By using pictures and graphics, you can show your prospects what you do, instead of just telling. The combination of images and words can be just what people need to understand what you’re selling.

You can even add videos to your website to make it even more interactive for visitors. However, make sure any videos you use don’t slow down your page’s load times. This can frustrate visitors and cause them to back out.

Good Choice of Colors

It may seem obvious, but the main part of what makes a great website is the colors used. The colors you choose for your brand depends on what you’re trying to sell. For example, green is associated with health and financial prosperity, so it’s a perfect choice if you are selling nutritional or financial products.

You also want to be consistent with the colors you’re using. If you choose blue as your main color, you want to make sure blue’s in everything for your branding so people remember your company.

Memorable Fonts

You may notice that ads have large and often unique fonts. This is to aid you in remembering both the product and the brand.

You can apply the same technique to your website. By using a bold and large font, it’ll stand out to your visitors more. This increases the chances of them remembering your company instead of others when they need your product or services.

Fonts can also hint at the personality of your brand. If it’s one they can identify with, then that also creates familiarity between you and them.
Make Sure You’re One of Those Visually Appealing Websites

Now that you know what visually appealing websites have in common, you can apply it to your own. By doing so, you’ll increase the chances of people staying on your website and seeing what you have to offer.

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