Website Update: 6 Signs It’s Time for a Refresh

Jonesen TeamIndustry Insights

What if everyone thinks your awesome business is already yesterday’s news?

To the public, your website represents the quality and content of your business. And if you have an old and outdated looking website, customers are likely to dismiss your business.

Fortunately, you can turn it around with a website update. Here are six easy signs that it’s time to “refresh” your design!

1. You’re Blending In

Hopefully, you’re keeping tabs on your competition. And that means scoping out rival websites.

You need to ask an honest question: “does my site actually stand out?” Or are there too many similarities in color, theme, and style between your site and someone else’s?

It may be time for a new design to help you stand out and succeed.

2. Conversions Are Low and Slow

A really convincing reason to upgrade your website is if your conversions are low and slow. That situation means your website isn’t doing its job.

As you know, attracting a high number of visitors to your site is just the first step. But you then need to convert those visitors into customers.

With help from Google Analytics, you can discover where your sales funnel broke down. Once you know, you can go back to the drawing board.

3. Too Many Questions

Answering consumer questions is the cornerstone of good customer service. However, never forget that the questions they ask reflect the quality of your business website.

Simply put, if customers are asking questions that your website has already answered, then it’s time for a website update. Their questions mean they could not find the answers they were looking for online.

When you redesign your site, focus on making the answers to the most common questions very prominent!

4. Wrong Crowd

Attracting many visitors to your business website is only one part of the equation for success. Be honest: are you attracting the right visitors?

Your business should have a target demographic in mind. And your website should be designed to attract those particular consumers.

Use analytics and CRM to verify who is visiting your site. If it’s not your target audience, then it’s time for a redesign.

5. The Bounce Is Bad

Some of the signs that it’s time to upgrade your website are complex and subtle. But here’s a really obvious sign: a high bounce rate.

good website design encourages customers to take their time and explore the site. But a high bounce rate means that they are turned off quickly and don’t come back.

With the right redesign, you can reduce the bounce and boost your conversions!

6. It’s Not Responsive

Our last sign that it’s time to upgrade your website is really straightforward. If it’s not responsive, then it needs to go.

The majority of consumers now browse the internet by phone instead of computer. If your sites cannot be easily read and navigated by a phone, then you officially have outdated websites.

Website Update: The Bottom Line

Now you know why a website update may be necessary. But do you know who can help you upgrade your website?

Here at Jonesen, we specialize in digital solutions that combine efficiency, economy, and art. To see how we can help with the redesign, reach out and contact us today!