How Successful Web Design Looks Like A Relationship

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Web Design is a service.

A website is a product.

If you pay someone to create a website for you, it’s entirely possible that you won’t deal with them again. They’ll create a website for you, maybe teach you how to use it, and you’re on your own.

If you hire a Web Designer you’re starting a relationship.

You are led through a discovery process that will uncover your specific needs and how to best help those you serve.

A website is designed specifically for your ideal clients or customers, with the end goal of turning visitors into paying clients or customers.

It’s in the next steps that the difference between product and service really shows.

Your Web Design company should continue to make sure that you are getting results from the work they’ve done for you.

This can take the form of monitoring metrics, performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), sending a newsletter with helpful marketing tips or tricks, or something along those lines.

These extra services are simple, but they can make all the difference.

As a business owner, knowing that your marketing is in the hands of experts who care about you and the success of your business can relieve a lot of stress.


We at Jonesen recently switched all of our clients over to a new server.

Why did we do this?

Because we weren’t getting the best results for our clients, and that’s not good enough.

We know that every second of load time hurts your chances of converting visitors.

We actively monitor the sites we create, and when we noticed that the load times were not what they once were, we took action.

We take great pride in our work and we couldn’t stand to see our work suffer.

We don’t bring this up to toot our own horn, but it’s important to us to let you know how we feel about our work and our clients.

It is all too common that we see people suffering from poor experiences with web designers.

A lot of the time, the complaints are about having partial work done, being locked into contracts with companies that won’t communicate, or about paying too much for a website that doesn’t look or perform the way they want.

Hearing these complaints helps us to know what our clients want and allows us to optimize our services to provide the best value.

We were recently contacted by a company that had a website designed for them and they were not happy with the home page. The look was wrong and it wasn’t created with the user in mind.

We were able to help them by recreating a single page for them to put more focus on their ideal user and provide them with an experience full of the kind of two way communication that is sadly rare, but so needed for a successful collaborative project.

We feel that it’s our level of communication that is the key to our success.


To set ourselves apart in the industry, we’ve worked hard to develop a style of communication that exceeds the normal standards.

We dig deep early on to discover what our clients want, what their users will want, and how we can blend the two goals into an effective, high converting website.

We ask questions and get feedback all throughout the development process to ensure that every aspect of the new site is coming together as expected.

We allow for comments and requests when delivering the final product, as well, because our work is not done until it satisfies and exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Sometimes our clients may not have a clear picture of what they want.

We offer our advice drawn from years of study and experience to supplement and/or compliment the vision expressed by our client.

When it’s finished, we don’t just hand off the site and send an invoice.

Web Design should be an ongoing relationship, if it’s to be successful.


Times change, styles change, people change.

Just as your website should not be left alone to be a static object, you should not be left alone to keep up with the changes on your own.

In the ever changing world of digital marketing, it’s impractical to expect a company to keep up with all of the changes unless that company is dedicated to digital marketing.

For a business that wants to excel, it’s a wise decision to delegate the digital marketing to a company that focuses on it exclusively.

When choosing that company, it’s wise to ensure that they are passionate enough to constantly immerse themselves in the trends and changes of the industry, and alter their practices to reflect those changes.

In addition to understanding and following the flowing trends of the digital marketing industry, it’s equally important to understand and follow the changes within a business.

The main reason your website should not be static is that your business is not static.

The world is changing. Technology is evolving at an exponential rate, some people are changing their lifestyles with it, some people fight to avoid it.
Your market may be on one side or the other, or it may include people of each.

Regardless, if you are to succeed with your business, you will need to adapt to the changing market.

As you change your approach, focus, vision, products, or services, you should also change your marketing to reflect that.


To succeed as a web design firm, we have to keep an active relationship with those we serve.

By developing and maintaining a healthy relationship with those we serve, we can better understand how to serve them based on who they are and what they need as a unique business.

One size does not fit all.

This is why we transferred our clients to a new server, why we updated our hosting packages, why we developed a HIPAA Hosting package, and why we are always learning and improving our methods of providing the best possible service.

To learn the difference a healthy business relationship can make, send us an email. We’d love to get to know you.

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