Volunteer Ozarks

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The Jonesen Team lives and works right here in the Ozarks, that’s why we were thrilled to be chosen by KY3,  the United Way of the Ozarks, Community Foundation of the Ozarks, Give 5, and Drury University’s Center for Nonprofit Leadership to develop a new website that will have a drastically beneficial impact on our community. The new site is called VolunteerOzarks.com and it will change the way our community cares for those in need.

The coalition of organizations behind VolunteerOzarks is well aware of the challenges facing our community but they also know that our area is filled with generous and caring individuals who are already working hard to meet those needs.

The thought was, “How many more individuals are there in our area that either don’t know of these organizations or just haven’t found a place where they can best be of service?”

Volunteer Ozarks was built to help fill that information gap. To pair volunteers with the organizations who have a pulse on the area’s needs. In short: “Find a cause. Get connected. Make an impact.”

Here’s How it Works
  1. Organization Page Creation —501(c)3 nonprofit agencies in Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas easily create an organization profile page that includes who they are and what mission they are striving to accomplish.
  2. Opportunity Creation—The nonprofit can then go in and create either one-time or ongoing opportunities to inform potential volunteers of possibilities to help out.
  3. Those looking to lend a hand can visit one website to find and learn more about the perfect place for them to volunteer.
What The Client Needed

Ky3 and the United Way wanted the ability to house a ton of information in a user friendly and sleek website. And that’s what we accomplished with Volunteer Ozarks.

The site’s searchable database allows users to look for volunteer opportunities in a specific area or by keywords relating to their passions.

But in order for volunteers to be able to find these opportunities, the client needed a solution that allowed non-profit representatives to be able to create profile and opportunity pages easily, without needing to have knowledge of website development.

This was accomplished by our user-friendly content management system that allowed non-profit representatives to input their organization’s information into fields that would then be formatted and added to the front end of VolunteerOzarks.com.  It’s a solution that makes it easy for organization representatives to add content while maintaining an overall consistent look and feel for the site.

Given the nature of volunteer opportunities, we needed to adapt the site to organize volunteer opportunities into 2 separate categories.  One category for events or “One Time Opportunities” and a 2nd category for opportunities for organizations who always need volunteers (Ongoing Opportunities.) This division makes it much easier for a volunteer to quickly find the right fit for their schedule.  

We loved working on this project, and it’s our sincere hope that VolunteerOzarks.com continues to grow, and makes a lasting impact in our community. Check out VolunteerOzarks.com today and discover how you can lend a helping hand.