Users Come First: 5 UX Trends You Need to Know for 2020

Jonesen TeamIndustry Insights

Did you know that every dollar invested in UX generates a return of $100?

This is a number that no business should ignore so if user experience isn’t a focus of your digital marketing strategy yet, 2020 is the year to change that.

Don’t know where to start? Keep reading as we go through five UX trends you need to know about!

1. The Message Will Be Key

Text is a big part of web design and, in 2020, we will see just how big it is.

An increasing number of designers will use the message to grab the user’s attention and they will do so by keeping headlines and subheadlines simple and straightforward, using short sentences and avoiding complicated language.

Furthermore, the message itself will be meaningful and evoke to the user’s emotions. Basic or predictable copywriting won’t cut it in 2020.

2. There Will Be a Bigger Focus on Privacy

We’ve all heard about the Cambridge Analytica or the Yahoo data scandals.

As an aftermath of these happenings, privacy and security have become two popular topics in the world of digital marketing and that will become even clearer in UX this year.

How so, you may ask?

Companies will work towards building a more trustworthy image in the consumers’ eyes by only asking for personal information when it is needed and after presenting them with the reasons why.

3. Illustration Will Gain (Even) More Popularity

Calling all illustrators out there! In 2020, we can expect to see even more websites using illustrations – in fact, it will become so popular that new and innovative styles of illustration will most likely emerge.

Although illustration has been popular in web design for years, it is still worth mentioning, as it means that fewer businesses will opt for standard stock photos or other poor quality images. Given how important visuals are to catch the visitor’s attention, this is great news.

4. The Information Architecture Will Be Simplified

Navigation is key to any website. Make your menus too big and complicated and you risk users leaving your site before they get to the information they were interested in. Not good!

This is why we will notice many websites simplify their information architecture and create a flow that is easy for users to explore, with simple menus and clear hierarchies.

In 2020, quality is definitely more important than quality.

5. UX Will Become More Inclusive

Inclusivity and accessibility haven’t always been a focus in web design – or digital marketing, for that matter.

However, as users that haven’t always been included start gaining a voice, it becomes clear that UX needs to change, in order to be available to everyone.

Now, you might be wondering: who exactly has been excluded over the past few years? The answer is quite simple: those with disabilities, those who speak different languages, different cultures… and the list goes on. In 2020, more websites will be created with these user groups in mind.

Keeping Up with the UX Trends for 2020

Keeping an eye on all the UX trends and figuring out how you can apply them to your brand isn’t only good for business but it allows to get even more creative in your decisions. So why not?

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