Top 5 Types of Visual Content to Add to Your Website

Jonesen TeamIndustry Insights

What’s one of the most effective ways to stimulate engagement in your blog posts?

Visuals help draw in and entice customers. Even though your writing may be excellent, big blocks of texts won’t engage readers without the right visual content.

So, why do visuals take your content to the next level? 90% of the information we process is visual. So why should we ignore visual content?

Every blog knows this fact. Which is why there are so many types of visual content. As a blogging newbie, you may not know what this type of content is or how to use visuals in your content.

Here are 5 types of visual content you should be using and how to integrate visuals into written content.

1. Video

Approximately 43% of people want to see more video content. Videos are fun, engaging, and an effective way to create content.

Along with writing content, create video content. Make a video and do a write-up.

Are you not a professional videographer? No problem! You can either outsource a pro or start by doing DIY videos.

2. Photos

When you use high-quality and relevant images with your content, your message is stronger than you’d expect. Which is why your readers love images. Articles with images increase readership by 94% compared to articles without images.

The modern reader prefers skimming on their phones. They may not read every sentence in your blog. If there are no images, they may not grasp the message you’re trying to convey.

3. Memes

Who doesn’t love memes? Memes are the funny images you see all over the internet. Memes are also a great way to share information and use in your blog.

You can easily find a meme online or create your own. You can use an already famous meme that everyone recognizes, such as Grumpy Cat, or make a completely new one and start a trend!

4. Infographics

Is your blog a more informative one? If you’re not using infographics, you’re doing it wrong. Infographics display data in an easily read format. Infographics are also fun and present information in a unique manner.

To ensure your infographics are effective, make sure you’re using key design elements. Make your infographics engaging by adding cute pictures and other fun details.

5. Social Media Posts

Does your blog cater to trends topics or other topics you can find on social media?

Increase your blog’s engagement with social media posts. You can easily integrate a picture of an influencer or a status update posted by a celebrity to give your blog more oomph.

Time to Use Visual Content in Your Blog

Are you looking for a way to improve your blog or content marketing campaign? Adding visual content is the way to go.

Visual content keeps the reader engaged by driving information visually. Creating videos, memes and infographics are a fun way to increase engagement. If all else fails, pictures truly speak a thousand words.

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