The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Business

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There are over 1.92 billion online shoppers worldwide. Starting an online business is one of the most lucrative decisions you’ll ever make.

The number of online buyers in the world is increasing. In 2020, that number could exceed 2.05 billion. Having an online business is the best way to tap into this audience.

The internet is full of possibilities. You, too, deserve to use the internet to make money.

Here’s what you should know about starting your online business:

Research and Plan

An actual “starting an online business for dummies” guide would start out with this — invest thought into your business.

Brainstorm different business ideas to see which ones suit you the best. Think about the need that each business idea fulfills and how you could apply your skills to it.

Perform market research once you’ve identified a niche. Read all about your competition, the prices they offer, and how your business could offer more to consumers.

Then create a business plan that charts your business’s predicted progress. This plan should cover your business description, marketing strategies, competitive analysis, and more.

Startup Costs

Starting a business online requires you to calculate the startup expenses beforehand. Don’t be surprised if you give your calculator a real workout — being realistic about the expenses will help you with knowing how much you can fund and setting financial goals.

Pursuing a small business grant in your local area is a good idea. For instance, someone who’s starting an online business in Atlanta would research grants that are available there. If that doesn’t work, try launching a Kickstarter campaign.

Legal Matters

For legal reasons, you’ll need to decide on a business structure. Will your business be a partnership, sole proprietorship, LLC, or a corporation? Research your options before making a commitment.

Then you’ll have to pick a unique business name. (Make sure the domain name is available!) Once that’s done, you must officially register that name.

Fill out the necessary paperwork to obtain your Federal tax ID and state tax ID.  Make sure you’ve secured all the licenses and permits you need before launching your business. Failing to secure these licenses and permits leads to fines and legal trouble.

After all this, you can finally open your business bank account and get started.


If you haven’t already, create a user-friendly website and promote the heck out of it. Remember that social media is a valuable promotional tool.

Don’t forget to add your website to online business directories!

Starting an Online Business is Within Your Reach

In the United States, 69% of entrepreneurs start businesses at home. Thus, it’s very possible to achieve your dream of starting an online business.

Around 82% of businesses fail due to poor cash flow. That’s why it’s so important to have a strong web presence and effective marketing strategies.

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