The Importance of Creating and Using Business Email Lists

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Every minute 156 million emails are sent to the 2.9 billion users expected by the end of this year. Some people may argue that email is dead but the numbers don’t lie. Are you harnessing the power of email marketing?

If not, you should get on it as soon as possible to take your business to the next level. Don’t know why you should create your own email list?

We’ve got you covered. We’ll tell you the importance of building business email lists in today’s email marketing driven world. Read on for your personal guide to list building.

Why Should You Care About Growing Your Business Email Lists

Experts have found that email marketing yields a 4,300% return on investment. All stats and studies suggest email as a vital part of any business marketing strategy. While it may seem a hassle to create your list of email addresses, it will help you build your audience and recurring revenue.

Don’t know why you should prioritize email marketing? Here are the top 3 reasons why you should care about creating a list of email addresses for your business.

1. Provide Personalized Content

You may think the best way to market to your audience is by using social media. While social media platforms expose your brand to a huge audience, you can provide personalized content through your email marketing campaigns.

To get the best results in your email marketing efforts, you must write your newsletters and emails with your audience in mind. When you build an email list, you can even rank or classify your leads based on their interests.

2. You Own Your Business Email List

When you build your audience on social media, companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram own your following. Yes, you read that right. All your hard work can go down the drain any given day.

Imagine that a social media platform bans or sets guidelines that limit your communication with your audience. If you had all your eggs in one basket and didn’t build your email list, you won’t be able to market to these followers after these changes. Believe it or not, any social media outlet can do that and limit your marketing efforts.

3. High Conversion Rates

Building a professional business website and great landing pages are vital to land more customers. However, you should consider investing in email marketing due to its high conversion rates.

Experts have found that targeted emails can increase your conversions by 208 percent, which is higher than other common marketing strategies. If you build your email list, you can send targeted emails that can skyrocket your business revenue.

The Bottom Line

While you may be focusing your marketing efforts on social media, you should consider building your own business email lists to take your company to the next level. When you consider the low cost of creating your email list and the potential results, there’s no question email marketing is a great way to skyrocket your business revenue.

Is your email host keeping you from growing your email list? If so, you should consider switching email hosts. While it isn’t an easy process, you can switch to a new host without losing any emails.

Want to learn how? Read our blog post for your step-by-step guide.