The 4 Best “About Us Page” Examples

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Did you know that 52% of people click to the About Us page after first visiting a website?

What does this mean for you as a small business owner?

If you can afford to lose half your audience, then you don’t need a high-quality About page. But let’s be honest —  no business, no matter how large or small, can afford to dismay or disappoint their customers.

Your website needs to have an About page that is informative, maybe a little quirky or different. It needs to know who the audience is and cater to them. It should offer insight into your product, service, beginnings.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry. We’ve got some examples right here!

1. REI

REI does a great job of explaining who they are while still catering to an audience. They know exactly who they’re talking to — everyone from the ‘new to the outdoors’ to seasoned pros. They explain their beginnings (great story included) but keep it casual and scrollable.

2. Ferris Coffee

This coffee roastery based out of Michigan offers what we love about websites — the perfect balance of minimalism and information.

Their About Us page features exactly what you’d expect: their history. They also list their featured community partners. They keep the page short and sweet.

However, they do offer a drop-down menu that offers different categories:

  • Mission + Vision
  • Our Team
  • Sustainability
  • Food Safety + Quality
  • Visiting Grand Rapids

This way, if you want to learn more, you can — but you’re not flooded with too much information upfront. They keep it tucked away neatly and professionally.

3. Blake Suarez

Designer and illustrator Blake Suarez knows that not everyone has the time to read an in-depth history of his page’s conception. That’s why he gets away with something different. His About page features ‘The Short’ and ‘The Long’ version of his story — perfect for many readers.

He also displays an impressive client list.

Your About Us can feature any of these details, from client testimonials and reviews to any version of your story you feel like deserves telling.

4. Girlboss

When you first visit the Girlboss homepage, you’re welcomed by a large, black block of text: Ambition begins here. Try to create your own version of this by coming up with a catchy, telling tag that explains your vision and creativity.

Their About page is no different. It features a high-quality image of four smiling girls looking at a smartphone — probably plotting ways to take over the world with their genius.

It then goes on to explain Girlboss’ mission in sections — ‘Our Mission,’ ‘Our Purpose,’ ‘Our Values,’ and ‘Our Work.’ Understand the difference between these and come up with your company’s own version of them.

They then offer up a cool ‘Meet Team Girlboss’ that shows their different employees in high-resolution photos with soft backgrounds.

Ready to Create a Perfect About Us Page?

As you can see, your About Us page doesn’t have to be difficult to make. In fact, some can be really succinct while still being impactful. The point is to have one that delivers a clear, concise, exciting message to readers.

Are you ready to update or create your own? Need some assistance?

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