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Site Marked as “Not Secure”? We Can Help!

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(Image Credit: Google Security Blog)

Since the Chrome 68 update that Google rolled out in July, some of our clients without SSL certificates have noticed that the URL bar now displays a “Not secure” designation for their site.

This does not mean that their sites have been hacked, or that it is any more vulnerable than before. It simply means that these sites are not equipped with an SSL certificate (HTTP instead of HTTPS.)

It’s important to note that HTTPS is a search engine ranking signal as well. So by not having an SSL on your site, not only are you risking potential customers leaving your site when the see the “Not secure” designation in the URL bar, your site might very well now be appearing lower in the search results than competitors with HTTPS.

In short, an SSL encrypts user information, making sure that no 3rd party can view the data while en route to the intended destination.  Take the contact form on your site for example. Without an SSL, it is theoretically possible to a hacker to intercept your clients information when they submit something to you via the contact form. It happens quite a bit, and because of this, Google is throwing its weight around to make an SSL the new standard on the web.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about this change and you can also read more about it on our blog post from June.

What To Do

Resolving the issue is simple, we are recommending to all of our Basic Stack clients that they upgrade their current hosting packages to the Standard Stack, which will give your site an SSL certificate as well as increase your web security with Jonesen Hacker Protection. And until the end of September, we’re offering 1 month free hosting if you upgrade to the Standard Stack and pay for the year upfront.

To upgrade your hosting stack or if you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at [email protected] or give us a call at  417-319-1601.