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Should You Create a Website or Update Your Current One? The Value of Both

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Are you looking to help your business improve in this day and age?

The best way to do so is by having a dedicated business website. This helps your business thrive as it allows you to generate traffic, which can lead to increased sales and conversions.  And with more and more of the world going “virtual” it is now more vital than ever to have a strong online presence for your business.

When considering your web presence, you may wonder if it is better to update your current website, or to create a brand new site? Both options have considerable benefits, so find out below which is the right choice for you!

Why Create a New Website

A new website is a great way to create a fresh and updated look for your business.  It allows you to customize the design and flow of your webpage – deciding what aspects of your company you want to highlight, how you want a visitor to “experience” your business, and so much more!  A new website also means you’ll be working with the most updated versions of software, plugins, themes and security measures.  As with all other forms of technology, the most updated website is sure to be the most user friendly with minimal breaks or errors.

The downside to a new website is the time and cost.  To create a new site will require a clear idea of what you want the final outcome to be, as well as dedicated time to create and provide text and pictures to your web designer.  It will take some time to get all the pieces just right!  And a new website will certainly cost more than updating an old one.  But when considering the long term benefits of your site, the cost will likely be more than worth it.

Jonesen has taken both these factors into account and created several different launch sites that are “pre-made” and ready for your customizing touch.  Just send us the text and pictures and we will do the rest!  Of course, if you want to design all aspects of your site, our team is ready to partner with you to make a fantastic website!

Why Go For a Website Update

If you have a website that functions well and represents your company, then an updated website might be a better fit.  Updating your website will require less time and money since you will be working with the existing framework of your website.  Updates might include new pictures, changing text, background colors, etc.  These changes can take a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the scope, and the cost will vary with the magnitude of updates requested.

The downside to updating a website is that it will not take into consideration the functionality, security or stability of your site.  If your site is working with outdated software, then updates might make your site look better but it will not help it’s performance.  However, if your site is functioning and performing well, then updating your website might be just the thing you need to refresh your online presence!

Know Whether You Should Create a Website or Update Your Current One Today

There’s no doubt your business needs a strong online presence, and a website is often your clients’ “first impression” of your business.  Both updating your website or creating a brand new one have strong and lasting benefits.  Consider the needs of your business, the health and functionality of your current site and then contact us here so that we can partner with you to design or update the site of your dreams!