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Ticketfly Temporarily Shuts Down to Investigate Hack


Last week, was hacked, defaced, and compromised the personal information of 26 million users.  The hacker responsible for the attack pointed to the site’s inadequate security to prevent this type of event, stating on the site “Your Security Down im Not Sorry.” was shut down while they investigate the hack, but some security experts quickly weighed in—suggesting that the breach was most likely caused by not updating their WordPress site.

The Jonesen Take: Updates are EXTREMELY important, especially if they are issued to patch a known vulnerability.  Clients on our curated hosting stack can rest easy knowing that these updates are being taken care by the Jonesen team.  No amount of security can ever be a 100% guarantee, but if your site should ever be hacked, or cloud backup ensures that a non-compromised version of your site can quickly and easily be put back up online.