Problems We Prevent: Hijacked Site Traffic

Jonesen TeamProblems We Prevent

How hack on 10,000 WordPress sites was used to launch an epic malvertising campaign

By John Leyden

A question that a lot of small business owners tend to ask is “Why would anyone want to hack my site if I don’t even have any sensitive data stored on it”

It’s a fair questions but the article above offers at least one great reason, they can make money off of your hacked site.

The Jonesen Take: The name of the game isn’t always hacking and stealing data. Your site has all kinds of uses to hackers if you have online traffic. Don’t run the risk of endangering your visitors, secure your site to day.

On a side note, the thousands of hacked sites mentioned in the article where hacked because they were running outdated versions of WordPress.  Yet another example of how the Jonesen team has your back.  Not on one of our curated hosting stacks? Contact us today to change that.