Problems We Prevent: Blacklisted Sites

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Google Webmaster Blog: How we fought webspam – Webspam Report 2017

Summary: Google works extremely hard to provide search users with the most relevant information from trustworthy sources.  They don’t want to be responsible for leading users to potentially dangerous websites by displaying malicious sites in their search results.  Knowing the risk to online users,  Google chooses to “blacklist” or remove these sites from the results altogether.

“One of the trends in 2017 was an increase in website hacking—both for spamming search ranking and for spreading malware. Hacked websites are serious threats to users because hackers can take complete control of a site, deface homepages, erase relevant content, or insert malware and harmful code. They may also record keystrokes, stealing login credentials for online banking or financial transactions. In 2017 we focused on reducing this threat, and were able to detect and remove from search results more than 80 percent of these sites.”

The Jonesen Take: We keep our clients’ sites maintained and regularly scan for malware and other security vulnerabilities that could cause your business to be removed from Google search results if left unmonitored.

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