Mobile Compatible or Mobile Responsive: What’s the Difference?

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Around the world, over half of the people browsing the internet are doing so from mobile devices. For this reason, companies now focus on ensuring their websites are designed for these users.

However, there are a number of terms being thrown around that can cause some confusion. For example, some websites are considered mobile compatible while others are mobile optimized.

Keep reading as we get into the differences between these terms to help you understand what you may need to do for your website to ensure you’re not losing any leads.

What are Mobile Compatible Websites?

A mobile compatible website is one that will work on a mobile device. The reader is able to see everything as they would on a desktop because the site is HTML-based and doesn’t contain Flash Player elements.

However, they’re also difficult to navigate and the text is often so small that users have to zoom in and then scroll back and forth to read it. Images also load slowly which can cause the page to jump around as you try to read it.

The most important thing about this type of website is that they don’t convert well. When people can’t quickly get the information they’re looking for, they’re going to move onto a competitor’s site.

What are Mobile Optimized Websites?

A mobile-optimized website is one that has been completely redesigned to easily fit onto the screen of any mobile device. The text fits onto the screen and is easy to read and scroll through without needing to zoom in.

Images will also load quicker and any buttons on the screen are large and “finger-friendly” so they can easily be clicked. This allows mobile users to navigate your website without struggle so they’ll stay for longer.

As you already guessed, a mobile-optimized website converts far better than one that is only mobile compatible. This is because of the improved customer experience that’s being provided.

Bottom Line on Mobile Compatible Versus Optimized Websites

By now it should be clear that if you want your business to succeed, you need to have your website optimized for mobile users. If it isn’t, you’re going to be losing a lot of potential leads to competitors who do have optimized sites.

If you’re not sure if your website is mobile compatible or optimized, pull out your phone right now and open your site. Within a few seconds, you should be able to tell how easy your site is to use.

Put yourself into the shoes of someone who’s visiting your website for the first time. How much time would you want to spend on your site as it is now? If the answer is “not long,” it’s time to get your site optimized!

Ready to Take Your Website Up a Notch?

Now you know the difference between websites that are mobile compatible and mobile optimized. As you can see, if you want your business to succeed, you need to make sure mobile users can actually use your website.

If you need to take your website to the next level to ensure everyone visiting your site has a great experience, let us know. We’d be more than happy to help you build up your business with a mobile-optimized site.