Keep up With the Times: 5 Telltale Signs That Your Website Is Outdated

Jonesen TeamIndustry Insights

When was the last time you worked on your website?

If it’s been more than a few weeks, you might have an outdated website. That’s bad for business; people will assume your site is no longer functional and might leave without navigating further. Those who stick around might get disappointed by slow loading times, outdated visuals, and non-functional buttons or broken links.

But how do you know it’s time to call a website designer to fix your site? When is a web design too old?

We’ve got you covered. Read on to learn 5 telltale signs your website needs an overhaul:

Pages Take Forever to Load

Did you know that 40% of site visitors leave if it takes a page more than 3 seconds to load? You lose about 7% of potential conversion for each additional second it takes for a page to load.

People were more lenient ten years ago when it came to site speed but that’s no longer the case. The average Joe’s internet is faster than ever and even Google considers site speed. Staying slow in a fast-moving online world is bad for business.

Non-Responsive Design

Ever seen websites with a “best viewed on” label? They might recommend visiting the site on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If your site still has one of these labels, it means you have to update and do it quickly.

People go online using a multitude of browsers now. Millions don’t even use a traditional desktop or laptop PC, relying on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet instead. Don’t lag. Start using a responsive design, optimizing your site for a functional and beautiful experience regardless of the screen people use.

Flash Animation

Flash animation takes a long while to load. This makes a page slower and it wastes a visitor’s time.

People want to get in, navigate, shop, and communicate. Don’t waste their time with animation.

Even Google will stop supporting Flash. The Chrome browser will phase out sites using Flash by December 2020.

Outdated Design and Font

You know you have an outdated web design when your pages still use Comic Sans or Papyrus font for the menu. That trend died in the 1990s.

Does your site use unorganized HTML tags and tables? Does it look like your site runs on Geocities or Angelfire? Those all look and feel outdated by today’s standards.

Splash Pages

Fancy splash pages were quite popular a few years ago. However, they take time to load and often run on Flash animation. They’re also useless — they serve no purpose and require visitors to click another button to reach the homepage.

If your site still has one of these, get rid of it. Your landing pages should direct visitors directly to something with a purpose, like a subscription page, contact page, or a product page. They shouldn’t have to navigate far to find what they want.

Update Your Website Today!

Take a moment to consider these five factors and determine if your site stands up to today’s standard. If your site feels and looks outdated, it’s time to invest in an update.

Don’t fret if you have no idea where to start. We’re here to help! Feel free to get in touch and let us walk you through the steps to get your site back on its feet.