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The Jonesen Curated Difference

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We’re often asked what sets us apart from other hosting options. With all the self hosting, (in the case of a wordpress project), and site managing services, what makes us special? We don’t just host your site, we curate it.


“To select, organize, and present (online content, merchandise, information, etc.), typically using professional or expert knowledge”.


Whether you’re self hosting your website or using a managed service, web hosting companies will usually offer a bunch of different add-on packages that “guarantee” that your website is kept up to date.

However, special care needs to be taken as the fine print usually puts caveats to what is meant by “keeping your site up to date”. Usually what is meant is that they will check a box in the default installation to do automatic updates.

In our view this misses the whole point.


We care about each and every site we design and host, and believe that our clients’ websites reflect us as company as much our own website. Therefore, we have crafted a software stack to properly monitor, update, optimize (not just SEO), and protect our clients’ websites.

Using this stack we are able to keep our hosted sites running smoothly for our clients so they can focus on their businesses.

Proper monitoring means we keep track of where your visitors come from, how long they’re on your site, and other important metrics that help you understand your potential customer base so you can optimize your marketing efforts.

– Updating ensures that your site is up to date with all of the late framework and plugin updates, helping to keep your site running smoothly and as quick as possible.

– Updating your site also notifies search engines so they can “crawl” your site for new content, potentially helping to raise your search ranking.

– Optimizing your site means that the user will have the best experience possible, and will be able to quickly and easily find the information that helps turn them from “just a visitor” to a paying customer.

Protecting your site helps you, and those who visit your site, rest at ease knowing that any information entered into forms on your site is safe from prying eyes.

– We also back up your site daily, making sure you never lose a byte.

Better security means more credibility and trust for visitors to your site, as well as for the search engines. Sites with poor security run the risk of being flagged by Google and other search engines, which can lower your search ranking and even turn away potential customers with a warning.

Email us if you want to get the skinny on how your business can have a Jonesen curated website.