Jonesen acquires Florida based web hosting company, Microweb

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Jonesen, a leader in web design and web hosting, is excited to announce the acquisition of the Florida based web hosting company, Microweb.  The announcement was made to the Microweb client base in the summer of 2019.  The acquisition discussion began when Microweb owner, Gail Arcadipane, wanted to begin retirement while also providing continued web hosting services for her clients.  A web hosting firm acquisition from Jonesen provided the ideal path for Gail to transition into retirement.  The experience and expertise of the Jonesen team allowed Mrs. Arcadipane to pursue retirement with confidence, knowing that her hosting clients would be well cared for.  

The total analysis and discussion process took about 4 months to ensure a comfortable handoff and the deal was signed on 4 July 2019.  This acquisition expanded Jonesen’s national footprint and provided continued management and hosting services to all the Microweb client base.

The acquisition fits Jonesen’s strategy to work with principals of small to medium-sized web hosting companies looking to make a transition or exit.  Jonesen’s 15+ years of web hosting experience, its focus on digital security, and its commitment to excellent support and customer service gave Microweb owner, Gail Arcadipane, peace of mind knowing her clients would continue to receive high quality hosting services.  And from the Jonesen perspective, Charles Elliott, Jonesen Partner and Head of Sales, states, “Serving the clients from Microweb has been a joy.  They were eager to increase their hosting security and update their web design UX (User Experience) and we have been happy to help each accomplish their goals online.” 


For more information about partnering with Jonesen, please visit or call Charles at 417-319-1206