It’s the Font That Counts: How to Choose the Right Font for Your Brand and Website

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Helvetica is the world’s most popular font.

Many people recognize Helvetica from brands like Target and Toyota. However, there are plenty of other fonts worth considering.

Learning how to choose the right font for your brand will help you choose a font that stands out more.

Your brand’s font is an essential part of its brand identity. You, too, can select the font that bolsters your brand identity the most.

Here’s what you should know about how to choose a font for your brand.

Know Your Font Types

Knowing how to choose a font means knowing about the 4 different types of font categories: Serif, Sans-Serif, Script, and Decorative.

Each font subset communicates specific messages about a brand.

Serif fonts are associated with tradition, honesty, reliability, and authority. That’s why so many traditional print media brands use Serif fonts.

Sans-serif fonts are modern, stylish, professional, and clean. These fonts work well with minimalist designs. That’s why if you’re trying to make a user-friendly website, it’s one of the best types of fonts you can use.

Script fonts are elegant, feminine, and contemporary. They give your brand a classic and graceful vibe.

Decorative fonts are more dramatic. They have exaggerated Serifs, swashes, and other experimental features.

Stand Out

If you’re wondering how to choose a font for your logo, look at your competitors’ logos.

Your font should be distinctive enough for consumers to associate it with your brand only. If your brand’s font is too similar to your competitor’s font, it’ll hurt your brand recognition amongst consumers.

Examine your competitors’ fonts and take note of which styles they’re using. Then make sure your font looks different enough to draw a clear distinction between that font and your brand—not someone else’s brand in your field.

Choose Based on Usage Instead of Just Appearance

Don’t base your decision on looks alone—consider how you plan on using the font.

The best types of font for your brand are versatile and appealing on a variety of different mediums.

Remember: this font will most likely be included anywhere your brand positions itself on the internet. Your printed materials will also include this font. That’s why your font should strengthen your brand expression both online and in print.

Other Considerations

Consider font families that use a diverse range of weights.

For example, Soho, Minion, and Mrs. Eaves come in different weights. This makes it easier to add variation to your text.

If your brand uses multiple languages to communicate, choose a font that works with all these languages. For the sake of blog management, test out your chosen font by typing sentences in each language your brand caters to.

Learn How To Choose The Right Font For Your Brand Like a Boss

Garamond, Bodoni, and Bembo are the 3 most readable fonts—perhaps a worthwhile consideration?

Knowing how to choose the right font for your brand involves choosing a legible, professional, and iconic font.

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