Is WordPress the Best Platform for Your Business Website?

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Many small business owners and marketing professionals throw basic engineering principles out the door when it comes to building their internet presence. They end up building from a faulty foundation and wonder later why their performance is lacking.

The truth is, no amount of content tips will overcome the wrong platform for your business website. One of the biggest benefits of content marketing and SEO is the ability to scale exponentially over time.

One reason nearly 1/3 of all websites in the world use WordPress is that it can scale to the needs of your company.

Wondering if WordPress is the best platform for your business website? Ask yourself:

Do You Require a Scalable Solution?

The hope for most businesses is that they will continue to grow over time. In the physical world, this might mean adding new employees, equipment, and office space.

In the world of website design, things can be a bit more difficult. You may choose a platform that you outgrow with your SEO and content needs.

Or, even worse, you may have to pay more for the platform you have already invested time and money into as your needs change.

WordPress is different. It will scale to your needs over time without the headaches of changing platforms.

Are You Planning Mobile First?

If you aren’t designing around mobile it’s time to put the brakes on your design efforts. More users are accessing content through mobile devices today and this shift makes your platform that much more important.

WordPress adapts to the needs of mobile users without losing your design or functionality. Your design benefits from WordPress because it operates great on mobile.

Do You Require Flexibility and Additional Programs?

You may hear a lot about plug-ins when considering web design. They refer to the expansion software businesses can add to work alongside their existing websites.

The good news from WordPress is that it operates well with additional programs. In the hands of an expert web designer, you can optimize your website to perform virtually any task your current or prospective clients will require.

In addition. you will have great insight into their behavior and preferences with software add-ons.

How Important is SEO to Your Site?

If you are planning on attracting new visitors or catching the attention of Google, you need to opt for a platform that optimizes for SEO. WordPress has the scalability, and additional software support, to outperform other platforms.

Plus, WordPress is responsive, That means your visitors will be more likely to stay on your site and make the most of your web experience.

All of this responsiveness will also act to further increase your SEO.

Get Help With WordPress For Your Business Website

While WordPress is probably the best platform for your business, there are drawbacks. Unless you have experience in website design creating a WordPress website may be difficult.

And even if you can master the basics of creating a website for your business using WordPress, it is likely to fall short of your long-term needs for SEO.

A WordPress website is unlimited in potential. But that causes confusion and problems when many business owners try and use the platform on their own.

We can help. Jonesen specializes in the creation of modern, responsive, and beautiful websites.

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