How to Write a Killer Email Newsletter That’ll Make Them Click, Read, Shop

Jonesen TeamIndustry Insights

Email marketing has gotten a bad reputation. People associate it with emails that fill their spam filter and waste their time, even though email marketing isn’t supposed to do that at all. Instead, email marketing should inform a company’s audience and connect with them on a deeper level than business.

People actually want to hear from companies. It’s not that they don’t want your emails in their inboxes. They just want those newsletters to be worth reading. That’s why knowing how to write a newsletter is an invaluable skill for your company.

By writing good newsletters, you can connect with your audience deeper than ever before. It’ll give new meaning to your brand. When your brand resonates with audiences, your company will stand out in your industry. That will lead to sales and success.

It all starts with a good newsletter! Keep reading below to learn how to write one and how a good email marketing campaign can help you.

Hire People Who Know How to Write a Newsletter

The first step towards creating a good email marketing campaign is hiring people who know how to write a newsletter. There are hordes of people in the labor market who think they can prepare a good newsletter, even though they never received training or experience in it. Don’t let them fool you!

When putting together your marketing team, make sure to bring people onboard who have trained in their fields. You may need to pay these people more, but you’ll be paying for their experience. When you hire a robust email marketing trained, you’re investing in your company’s reputation and its image.

Only Send Emails When You Have Something to Say

Companies trying to design an effective email marketing campaign should realize that their audience wants to hear from them. Yet, they don’t want to have their inboxes filled with useless emails. Instead, companies should only email their customers when they have a specific reason to.

There can be a variety of legitimate reasons to email your audience, though. You may want to notify people about an upcoming sale or if a certain customer has earned some discounts. Sending a newsletter that doesn’t have news in it will only hurt your company’s image, as the newsletter won’t serve a purpose for your audience.

Keep Your Audience Informed

Newsletters should contain one important thing: news. They should contain new information that your audience hasn’t heard before. Although your customers may enjoy doing business with you, they’re probably not industry experts like you are.

You can use your newsletter to keep your audience informed on your industry. If a new piece of legislation impacts the industry in an unexpected way, or a new company emerges within it, make sure to write about it. An image as an industry guide will also resonate deeper with people.

It’ll turn your landing page into something more than another company website. It’ll turn it into a trustworthy source of information.

Rise Above the Spam Filter

Your newsletter is more than meaningless spam that fills people’s inboxes. It’s how people stay connected with you and your company. People want to read your newsletter — they will only delete it if it doesn’t give them new information.

That’s why it’s easy to know how to write a newsletter well. All you need to do is say something that matters. A good email marketing campaign isn’t only about driving up metrics; it’s also about informing your audience.

To keep your audience informed, you need a website. For that, we’re here. Contact us so you’ll have a stylish and intuitive website to send people to after they read your newsletter.