How to Make Your Website Popular: Timeless Ideas to Attract Visitors

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How can you get lots of visitors to your website? That’s the million dollar question every website owner obsesses over.

The natural inclination is to follow the If-You-Build-It-They-Will-Come Model. In other words, produce good content and the masses will find you.

Unfortunately, this model almost never works. Perhaps it should be renamed the Hope-and-Pray model.

So how can you get lots of visitors to your site?

That’s the subject of today’s guide on how to make your website popular. These four strategies can increase the number of visitors to your site when practiced consistently.

Be Everywhere

Many experts advise growing your presence on multiple online channels. One word of advice for beginners: don’t try to be everywhere today.

It’s best to master one or two platforms before adding more. A common mistake is being a mile wide, but only an inch deep. People post content everywhere, but they often give up when they don’t see many new visitors or followers.

Instead, learn how to engage and involve your followers. Become an expert at utilizing a platform and experience real traction before adding another channel.

Add channels to your mix strategically.

For example, if you have a great personality and enjoy being on camera, create a YouTube channel. If you’re a personal brand that lends itself to great pictures, develop an engaging Instagram channel. If your niche is popular on Pinterest, grow your Pinterest following.


Advertising is still an effective way to get the word out about your business.

The biggest benefits of advertising are:

It’s fast. Major online advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads can put your ad in front of people in less than 30 minutes.

It’s effective. Online advertising is laser targeted. For example, Facebook Ads uses dozens of variables to make sure your ad is displayed only to those who most closely resemble your ideal customer.

It’s trackable. Online platforms give you access to real-time statistics. You can see numerous metrics, including how many people clicked on each version of your ad, what time they saw it, and how many visitors made purchases.

It’s scalable. The goal of every advertiser is to earn more sales from their advertising. If the sales cover the advertising costs, you can keep scaling up your ad spend to reach lucrative sales goals.

So before you advertise online, make sure your site is optimized with the necessary features you need to improve your sales conversions.

Get Free Organic Search Traffic

The holy grail of online traffic is, of course, free search engine traffic from Google. The site serves 244 million monthly users, and everyone should want a piece of that pie.

Ranking high on Google’s results pages, which incorporates over 200 ranking factors, is an immense subject that has spawned countless books and thousands of articles. As such, it is too large a topic to cover completely in this context.

The best thing to remember is that attracting search engine traffic requires a long view.

New sites rarely receive much organic search traffic. But if you consistently create the very best content available for your niche and promote it heavily online, you’ll see steady improvements in your search traffic numbers.

Take Advantage of Guest Blogging

Google doesn’t place as much importance on guest blogging links as it used to. For this reason, many people underestimate the importance of guest posting.

The real advantage to guest blogging on another site, though, is that you can access a larger audience.

Many who read your content will identify with your voice and click through your link to check out your site. Your post may get added exposure if the site owner promotes your article on their social channels. Guess blogging will always be a fantastic way to siphon off traffic from more popular sites.

How to Make Your Website Popular: The Bottom Line

The best advice on how to make your website popular is to take a multi-faceted approach.

Advertise with popular online platforms for immediate results while focusing on the future with search engine traffic. Master various social platforms one-by-one to add to your reach. For quick hits, guest blog on other sites to put your work directly in front of larger audiences who may ultimately become part of your tribe.

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