How To Change Your Password

How To Change Your Jonesen Website Password

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While there is much debate about how often you should change your passwords, a good rule of thumb is that a strong, unpredictable, and site-specific password is your best bet for keeping the bad guys out.   

Maybe it’s been a while since we launched your site or you want to change your password to something that is easier to memorize.  Either way it’s a simple process that can be accomplished in a few short steps.

Changing Your Password
  1. Log in to your site using your current user name and password.
  2. On the “Dashboard” page, hover over  “Users” on the left hand side, towards the bottom then select “Your Profile”
  3. Scroll halfway down the page until you see the header that reads “Account Management”
  4. Hit the “Generate Password” button.
  5. You can either choose to use the generated password or create your own. (again we recommend using a “strong” password)
  6. Once you have entered your new password, scroll to the very bottom and hit the “Update Profile” button.

That’s it, 6 short steps!  Easy right?

We have also included 4 tips to keep in mind when creating your own password.

“Don’t” Ignore These Tips
  1. Don’t reuse old passwords with minor variations. For example, changing “password2017” to “password2018” is a really bad idea.
  2. Don’t use the same password for every site. In the event of a data breach, you want to limit the amount of access that hackers could potentially be granted.
  3. Don’t make it too obvious i.e. “Jonesen_Rocks#1”  (many satisfied clients tend to use this same password)
  4. Don’t write your password on a sticky note and leave it on your desk. We recommend that you use a password manager to store your passwords. Dashlane and LastPass are both well reviewed password manager service providers.

If you need anything else, please feel free to contact us. We love hearing from our amazing clients!