Hosting Your Own Website: 4 Reasons Why It’s a Bad Idea

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As a business owner, you hire your own set of employees according to your business needs. You’ve done the assessment and know your business needs can be fulfilled with the staff you have on-hand.

But, in reality, business owners aren’t experts at everything and you may not have the expertise on-hand to solve all of your business problems. This is where issues with hosting your own website come to the fore — especially if you don’t have the time or knowledge on how to solve hosting problems.

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1. You May Not Have the Time for Hosting Your Own Website

Most business owners are completely run-off-their-feet with a million things to do in a day. They are already wearing multiple hats, so when it comes to web hosting issues, there may not be any time left for it. One way to overwhelm yourself as a business owner is to take on projects that you don’t fully understand, too.

When it comes to server issues, website hacking, and other security woes, do you have the time or expertise to tackle these problems? This is why web hosting and security should be in the hand of a reliable team, no matter how small your business starts out.

2. Website Hosting is More Expensive Than You Think

Newsflash — those ”free” website hosting sites aren’t actually free. There’s always a subscription fee of some kind, as well as payments for add ons and plugins to make your website all-the-more functional. Without these extra costs, your website wouldn’t be up-to-scratch.

To add to this, many business owners may not have the skill or expertise to interpret website analytics and really get a feel for how their business is performing. This means you’ll have to outsource this type of expertise anyway. If something goes wrong with your website or server, this yet another outsourced cost. Ultimately, this all affects your bottom line.


3. Your Website May Not Be as Functional as it Should Be

Websites today are a dime-a-dozen. With so much competition out there, your own business website has to stand up to the rest. This means top-quality functionality.

By designing, building, and hosting your own website, how do you know if it’s delivering what your customers are looking for? The same goes for the speed of your website, best SEO practices and interpreting important analytics. Without this expertise and knowledge, your website will most likely get lost in the abyss of the internet.



4. You Have No Backup Support When You Need It

This is extremely important if you operate an e-commerce website. If your website goes down at 2 am, who do you have to provide the much-needed support for your business operations? Do you have the knowledge to get your website back up and running without this type of technical expertise? Ultimately, this all results in a loss of income, angry customers, and a poorly affected business reputation.

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