Give It Voice: The Advantages of Making Your Brand Speak Through a Blog

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Are you looking to build a marketing roadmap for your business? Worried about long-term growth and sustainability?

You’re not alone in your concerns! Around 30% of new businesses fail within two years. After five years, above 50% have failed.

Part of ensuring success involves marketing. This includes creating a brand that cuts through the competition. Maintaining a brand and attracting people takes patience, hard work, and creativity.

There are many strategies to achieve successful branding. These include mission statements, community outreach, quality websites and even blogging.

Wondering how blogging could help your business? Keep reading for five benefits of blogging that may surprise you.

1. Build Trust with Customers

Customers remain loyal to brands they trust. One way to build this trust is to put out information they find valuable. Blog about issues your customers care about. Answer their questions, while highlighting how your products or services can help.

For example, if you sell curtains, write posts about how to measure for a perfect fit. Write a post about the potential energy savings with a certain type of fabric.

The opportunities are endless.

2. Flex Your Expertise

Businesses viewed as experts in the field are more successful. This builds trust as mentioned above, but also helps separate you from competitors.

Posting reputable and helpful content on your blog will make you a go-to business.

3. Benefits of Blogging: SEO Ranking

The Internet is king when it comes to getting information and checking out products. If your website isn’t easy to found, you may struggle to remain afloat.

Most people head to Google when they want information on something. Want your content to be in the top results? Pay attention to search engine optimization (SEO).

Search engines like Google look for relevant content with keywords. Insert these keywords into your posts. This increases the odds of a customer finding your business.

4. Show a Personal Side

Blogging lets you put out information that is a little less business-oriented. In this space, you can write about relevant issues in a way that makes sense for your brand.

It also provides a great opportunity for employees to share their interests. Each week you could allow a different employee to write a post about a cause or subject important to them.

Keep everything within your business scope. And be careful about letting employees speak on polarizing issues. There are ways to express opinions without alienating large groups of potential customers.

5. Encourage Sharing

Blogging also encourages people to share posts across social media. Write a well-timed funny piece? It could go viral.

Each time someone shares a post, their network of people will see your content. This increases potential sales.

Blog Your Way to Business Success

The benefits of blogging should be clear now. It is an amazing way for brands to engage and inform customers. No matter your niche, let blog posts pave your path to success.

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