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For Farmers Only: Your Official Guide to Pay Online and Pickup Services

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In 2020, we’re all doing our best to practice proper social distancing, which means that crowds are a big “no.”

For many farmers, the pandemic has upended their normal sales techniques. To make up for lost revenue from restaurant and farmers’ market closures, many small farmers are turning to a hybrid e-commerce method.

How do you make the shift from the past to a future that allows customers to pay online and pick up their food afterward?

Read on to learn everything you need to know and how Jonesen Web Design’s digital solutions can help.

How Does a Pay Online and Pick Up System Work?

The pay online and pick up system is about as simple as it sounds! Customers use your website to select the fruits, vegetables, and other products that they want and pay for their order before ever heading to your farm. You prepare their order while they’re on the way and they can simply run in, grab it, and head out!

This method is great for minimizing contact and keeping your farm clear of crowding. It can also help you make up for any lost sales you’ve experienced as more and more people go in search of clean, local whole foods that are easily accessible. But how do you make that happen?

Design and Develop a Website

The first step is to give your website (if you have one already) a complete makeover. Chances are, your website was primarily informational in the past, focusing on your mission, location, and seasonal rotation of crops.

Now, you want to make sure that your brand is clear and will catch the attention of any online viewer. You also need to go beyond vagueries and showcase exactly what you sell, how much it costs, and how much is available at any given time.

The Jonesen Team is here to make sure that your web design and development are in line with your mission and achieves the goals you have during this transitional period.

Foster Digital Security for Safe Online Payment

When you’re asking customers to pay online, you have to guarantee them that their banking information is in safe hands. The only way to do that is to foster digital security and get rid of vulnerable versions of your software.

The Jonesen Team has the experience and knowledge to keep your website safe from hackers and bots so that you can protect your reputation and your customers.

Keep It Smooth Sailing

Internet users are getting picky and their options when it comes to online food purchasing are practically unlimited. If you want to not only get them to your website but keep them there long enough to make a purchase, you’re going to need a fast and responsive website.

The Jonesen Team is focused on performance optimization, which means that we’re giving you clean code, minimized redirects, and scaled media assets. All of these components are necessary to keep your website user-friendly, gorgeous to look at, and quick to use.

Why Pay In Person When You Could Pay Online?

If you’re ready to switch to a system that allows customers to pay online and pick up their orders, you’re in luck. The Jonesen Team is here to help you with your web design and development from start to finish.

Contact us to get started. We can’t wait to help you bring your farm to a whole new level of comm