Essential Design Elements That Make People Click ‘Add to Cart’

Jonesen TeamIndustry Insights

Digital shops are a surging trend, with more and more consumers turning to the virtual world for their purchases.

However, the ease that comes from online shopping also brings with it a challenge. Competition is fierce. When you remove your location from the equation then you have that many more competitors to compete with.

This makes the design of your store of upmost importance. Is your store up to the challenge?

Keep reading for tips on the best web design elements to incorporate in your online store to help turn visitors into customers.

Visible Navigation Options

One of the base elements of web design is ease of use. A website should not be complex to navigate. By placing all navigation options at the top of the page you are helping people find what they need without distractions.

In turn, this leaves them more likely to proceed with their purchase. Of course, there is a balance between a direct navigation flow and buyer alienation. That’s why hiring a professional web designer is always a good idea.

Mobile Access is a Premium Concern

Studies show that 45% of online shoppers make purchases with their mobile phones. This is a very important thing to keep in mind when designing your website.

One of the key website design elements is a consideration for mobile visitors and customers.

Is your layout dynamic? Does it look good when viewed on a mobile device? Can people easily find what they need and complete their purchase with the same ease as when using a laptop or non-mobile device?

Show Your Contact Information

While shopping online offers a level of freedom that you don’t have with physical stores, including the ability to browse without interruption or sales pressure, there is such a thing as too much anonymity.

By becoming nothing more than a sales portal you lose the connection with your customers. A good web design tip is to make sure your contact information is on the site and visible, not hidden away somewhere nobody could find.

It seems simple, but that helps remind customers that there is more to the site and that they can get in touch for questions or concerns.

Image Load Times Need to be Top Rate

If your page weight is too high the performance of your website could suffer. When a website takes too long to load the chance of visitors leaving and going elsewhere for their purchase increases dramatically.

Understanding how page weight impacts the elements of web design is important to ensure your site’s performance remains high and doesn’t drive customers away.

The Most Important of All Web Design Elements is Product Clarity

You could have the best looking, best-performing website around but if it is not clear what you are selling and to whom you are selling it then your business will always suffer.

Product clarity doesn’t just begin once people land on your page, but rather, runs through your whole marketing funnel, and ensures the right people get to the right pages of your site to find the items they need.

The correct use of the core web design elements and a clear description of your products and services will set you up to win.

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