Ecommerce 101: Managing Your Online Orders

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Welcome to our new Support Center series all about ecommerce! Our Ecommerce 101 series will cover all the basic information you need to run a successful online store: managing online orders, issuing customer refunds, and adding/editing your products. So tune in for the whole series start making more money online by becoming an ecommerce master!

In the first video, you will learn how to manage your online orders on your Jonesen site. From viewing a list of all your customer orders to drilling down in to a specific order, don’t miss out this basic video tutorial!

If have any questions not covered in the video, need any additional help managing your online orders, or are ready to set up your own online shop; please feel free to contact us today!

All The Ecommerce 101 Series

Part 1: Managing Online Orders
Part 2: Online Order Refunds
Part 3: Managing Simple Products
Part 4: Managing Variable Products