Designing a Better CTA: Call-to-Action Buttons for Websites That Convert

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You’ve got your website all set up. You may even be ready to launch a new business.

Whether you’re selling services, want to collect emails for future marketing opportunities or trying to sell outright, there’s one thing everyone needs: a call to action button.

While you may worry they’re too obnoxious or in your face for your customers, buttons for websites are incredibly important.

Not only do you need a button, you need the right one to convert sales. Read on for more information on why a well-designed CTA button will help your conversion rate.

What is a Call to Action Button?

If you’re completely new to website design and marketing, you may not even know what a call to action, or CTA button, is. That’s okay; we’re here to demystify the process.

A call to action button is a designed button on a website that tells a reader to take action. This action could be to buy something, to read more or to sign up for your mailing list.

Not all call to action buttons are created equally, however, and you need to understand that a well-designed one is crucial. A badly designed button can turn people off and will lead to them clicking the “X” on their browser instead of your button.

What is a Good Button for Websites? One That is Actionable and Gives Your Readers Incentive to Click

Think about what makes you want to learn more about a product or a website. What makes you click that button to make a purchase or sign up for a mailing list?

When you’re creating a call to action button, it needs to be actionable, but one that gives your readers something in return. Buttons that say run-of-the-mill phrases like “Click here for more” or “Continue” sound not only boring, but there’s not much in it for the reader.

Instead, you want to give the reader something for clicking that button. Words like “Sign Up,” “Stay Connected” and “Join Now” are all actionable and give your reader something in return for clicking.

Additionally, adding the word “Now” to a button can promote a sense of urgency that often leads to more clicks.

Buttons for Websites Designs

Button designs also play a factor in how well your buttons convert. There is no step-by-step tutorial on how to design the perfect CTA button, as you’ll need to test these with your audience. However, square and round buttons work best. Adding extra dimensions like a trim or a shadow can also give it some extra flair.

Running conversion testing with your buttons is essential, so you’ll want to do that before you hit the ground running.

Putting It Together

Buttons for websites are essential to keep your readers not only engaged, but to get their clicks to convert. With a little bit of A/B testing and some design work, you’ll find the perfect button for your audience.

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