College View Apartments in Hollister

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LOCATION: 195 College View Drive, Hollister, Missouri

Client Story (paraphrase): “We need a domain, we need website, and if we can get a website that as a secure way for people to submit an application form on the website that would be awesome.  Also we want there to be a place where tenants could send us maintenance requests.  Finally, it would be great if our current tenants could get to our rent payment system.

Jonesen in Action: Wheels got to turning up in the Jonesen ninja bear think tank.

STAGE ONE: We dreamed with the property manager  about all the things they wanted (see above)

STAGE TWO: We designed, with our black-belt-ninja-bear design team, the wireframes that depicted the vision captured from the client in the STAGE ONE dream session.

STAGE THREE: After approval we deployed one hell-of-a website – a pretty dang, sweet suite of management and marketing tools!

STAGE FOUR: Metrics metrics metrics.  If it can’t be measured then it didn’t happen (see my blog post for further details).  We took them from jack to 97 unique (zero bots) and top ranking on key word results in less than 90 days. That is how we roll at Jonesen.

College View Apartments

Metrics for College View Hollister Apartments Website

End Result: Now, College View not only owns a gorgeous website with fully integrated online applications, service requests and bill pay, but the beauty of their homes are displayed in our personally customized format, like all Jonesen websites, that is mobile friendly, search engine optimized, blogging capable, and social media integrated.

CVA Jonesen website

Anneke (awesome apartment manager) demos their new Jonesen designed website