Botanas Bar and Grill

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Location: 3515 W 76 Country Blvd
Branson, MO 65616

Botanas Premier Mexican Grill and Bar
Here is the story of just one more happy Jonesen client.  It is a story that not often told in the Ozarks about website design. To cut the to the good part, the data part because we are nerds, we took them from zero to the top of the google search results for “Mexican Food Branson MO” in less than 60 days.

Client Story
“We need help! We need a website – right now – we only have social media…like everyone else.  We need people to associate mexican food in Branson to our image.  Potential customers need to know what we serve,  where we are, when we’re open, and how to get in contact us.  Finally, to seal the deal, it would be great if we could have a photo gallery – you know to make people’s mouths water.

What We Had To Work With
They had domain that they had been paying a lot for it monthly (way too much) for a no-frills i.e. no insight into their customers web host.

Jonesen in Action
“No problem! That’s what we do.  We could also setup a blog which is linked to all your social media accounts so when you publish a new blog post it would propagate to all your social media account automagically.”

What We Did
We built their website, host their domain and saved them money, provide analytic data (because they host with us), link their Dash-n-Dine menu, help with their SEO, and linked to all their social media.

Stage One: Dream
We sat down with the marketing director and asked, “What would you like and how would you like it presented?  These are our suggestions – simple, concise and clear…cool lets move to step two.

Stage Two: Design
We prepared mock-ups and presented them to the marketing director.  They made a couple adjustments to fonts and we moved to step three.

Stage Three: Deploy
We built the website of their dreams based off of the agreed up mock-ups.

Stage Four: Metrics
If it can’t be measured then it didn’t happen (see my blog post for further details).  The client received over 1,000 unique hits in the months of August and September alone and they currently hold one of the top positions in first page results for “Mexican Food Branson MO”.


Going Forward
Why do we provide analytic traffic data?  It is not enough to know that people visit your website, the secret Jonesen data sauce is to turn that data into actionable efforts.  Working with the Botana’s management, based on the data we designed a “call to action” coupon to tip potential customers over the edge and into one of the seats in Botana’s restaurant.

BOOMSKIES! One more happy  client growing their business daily with Jonesen pushing right beside them.

2014-10-30 09.58.10

Botanas Mexican Restaurant owner probably showing off her brand spanking new website (and mobile site) designed by Jonesen.