Benefits Offered by Using a Mail Client vs. Traditional Email

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With so many advances in the way that we communicate email is the tried and true method from which we can never get away. There are thousands of options when it comes to how we handle the influx of emails, and frankly, it can get somewhat confusing.

Whether you use a mail client or traditional email depends on a multitude of things and each option has both pros and cons. Let’s take a quick look at which method will work best for you.

What is a Mail Client

To put it simply a mail client is a desktop program that works very similarly to a web-based email application. They have virtually all of the same features including chat, address book, etc. all without having to log onto a separate website such as Google.

They have the bonus of better encryption, handling everything through a POP3 or IMAP addressing. The most significant difference is where the emails are stored.

With any email client, your emails are delivered via the emails service provider and stored on your desktop computer. But not everything is coming up roses with mail clients. Here are three things that many business owners say fall on the “cons” side of the equation.


IMAP emails are simple enough to sync, but any POP3 accounts are another story.

Backing Up Data

There is a risk of losing all of the emails that are saved on your desktop should there be an update error and the files are not backed up elsewhere. This could cause chaos in any business.

Slow Updates

While web-based companies update their systems quite frequently, mail clients often go much slower. Sometimes going years in between software updates.

Web-Based Email

This solution is perfect for anyone who is looking for accessibility no matter where in the world you are located. Often the choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs for its free price tag and virtual storeroom.

Working like a traditional email client web-based email platform has all of the bells and whistles that any other email service. There are a few things however that can be considered “cons.”

Storage Space

An email that’s stored in the cloud may is able to be accessed from anywhere; however, you may also be limited in the amount of space you have to utilize. For businesses that are email heavy, this may not be the best option.


Many online email servers have excellent protection; however, they’re not fail-proof.


This may be the worst con of them all as web-based email services are free for a reason. Adverts on your email page can prove annoying and cause your computer to run slower than desired.

The Bottom Line

Deciding the right mail client can be overwhelming which is why we are always here to help. We know exactly how to keep information safe and secure and how to incorporate it beautifully within your website.

What option you choose all depends on what you need so never hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.