Great Website Design is a Must: Here's Why

Are You a Small Business Owner? Great Website Design is a Must: Here’s Why

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An average of 70% of small businesses support a website for marketing purposes and other services. Everyone knows it’s super important that the quality of the content these sorts of sites post is high.

But how much thought have you really put into your website’s visual design? How much time have you and your team spent working to establish your brand and fine-tune your web presence?

The truth is, a whole lot of your company’s marketing power relies on its website design. Here’s how.

1. Shows You’re on Top of Things

If you’ve ever hopped onto the Heaven’s Gate cult’s 1997 webpage, you’ll know that keeping your web design up-to-date matters.

First impressions are a big deal. If your website’s design and navigation appears even a little out-of-date, this could be a sign to potential clients that your team isn’t all that on top of your game in other areas of your business, either. Sporting an outdated-looking website can be enough to turn clients away without so much as clicking on the navigation menu.

Maintaining a current look and feel when it comes to web design shows customers that you’re dedicated to keeping up with design trends, and it’s also a good sign that your company is committed to keeping the whole deal user-friendly and highly effective in all areas of its business.

SEO standards, navigation, and other functional aspects of website design, as well as maintaining a generally current aesthetic, are huge factors in designing a site that helps your clients and instills their trust in your brand–thus marketing your company in a super-positive way.

2. Builds Trust

Establishing your company’s brand can lead to customers’ ease in recognizing your brand, and therefore consistently and easily associating your aesthetic with your company’s values–as a result, building customers’ trust in your brand. Great web design can absolutely help accomplish this.

Customers establish trust in your business when they see your aesthetic and recognize it immediately. When customers can recognize your logo and associate it with the rest of your brand, they can come to trust in your team’s attention-to-detail and overall commitment to branding.

Further, customers come to trust in your brand when they recognize its commitment to dialogue with clients. If your team manages to commit fully to great web design, this won’t only mean a pretty graphic design–it’ll also refer to good, logical navigation and capabilities overall.

If your web design clearly takes care to serve its clients, customers will be way more likely to trust in the ways in which your company is committed to working for them.

3. Helps You Be Remembered

Over 65% of people in the world are visual learners. This means the vast majority of people are more likely to respond to and remember great visual presentation of information than any other form of communication.

This means great web design helps your company stay in the minds of your customers.

If your website’s design is pleasing to clients’ eyes, they’re way more likely to engage with the content. If they engage with your content, they won’t be forgetting about it any time soon.

Consider your entire marketing campaign: Isn’t your whole objective to be remembered? To get clients engaged and talking about your company’s services, values, and credibility?

People remember visuals. They engage with visuals. They talk about visuals. Great visual design when it comes to your company’s website might just be the key to completing your team’s super-meticulous marketing campaign.

Want More on Awesome Website Design?

Great website design can be an endless well of potential for your company and its services. Now that the secret’s out, we’re not surprised you’re excited to learn more about it and how it can benefit your team.

Feel like you could use some expert website redesign to up your company’s game?

Well, duh.

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