A Step-By-Step Guide: How To Curate Content To Grow Your Brand

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You have 0.1 seconds to explain why your brand is worth checking out to a total stranger.

Can you do it?

It turns out, you can! That is if you have a great website and social strategy.

In today’s growing digital landscape and competitive online market, a beautifully curated website and cohesive social media channels are going to help you out more than you realize.

It’s worth your time to take a minute and look critically at your online presence. Are there things that could be better?

Learn to curate your website or social media channels like a pro and get ready for a business boost with these 5 tips.

1. Minimalist Design To Drive Maximum Engagement

We’d all like to think that every visitor to our website takes some time to really get to know us and the brand before deciding if it’s right for them.

The truth is, we are visual creatures and what we see in that first 1/10th second comprises our lasting first impression of a brand.

Most of us are also highly averse to cluttered screens and too much information at all once. No one likes to be bombarded.

That’s why you need to be extra picky when it comes to how you’re curating the content of your website. Use whitespace and minimal text as much as possible while still getting the message across.

When it comes to web design, “less is more” is a good rule of thumb.

2. Create Clear Categories

Nothing spells demise more than a website that’s hard to use. Many people will simply give up if the navigation and categories don’t make sense.

Creating categories is an easy way to improve your site’s navigation and attract customers interested in a certain thing.

Let your customer be your guide on this one. What do they like to see? Create categories based on your audience’s interests.

3. Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Early on, try to decide what kind of content you want on your site. Do you want in-house creative content or do you want to curate photography or video from elsewhere?

Either way, it’s best to stick with a visual theme to try to make everything feel cohesive across your site.

That being said, experiment with different types of subjects from different sources. If you always show the same thing, your audience will get bored. Keep it interesting!

4. Get Your Audience Involved

Your audience wants to talk to you — let them! Ask questions in comments and curate future comments based on the insights you gain from doing this.

This allows you to relax a little, as not all the work of curating relies on your own ideas. Win-win!

You can also bring on some influencers to help curate content for your brand when you’re launching a campaign that will drive engagement.

5. When In Doubt, Repurpose

Repurposing older content doesn’t have to be boring and can ensure good posting cadence even when new content is lacking.

Don’t be afraid to post older content on social media and revisit popular topics. 29% of leading marketers use this tactic with success so it’s nothing to shy away from! We all love a good #TBT.

Final Thoughts On How To Curate Content

Sitting down and thinking about how to curate your online content will not only save you time later but can really boost your popularity on social media.

Increased popularity means increased engagement and increased sales. So what are you waiting for?

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