5 Uses For Web APIs

Jonesen TeamIndustry Insights

Have you heard the term API being thrown around? Everyone seems to be talking about it.

Companies big and small are starting to provide APIs for their customers. But can any company take advantage of these services?

If you are wondering if web APIs can help your company, then you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to learn five ways they can help your business.

1. Automate Tasks

If your business is online, then chances are you are using a lot of software. It can take time to go back and forth between everything to accomplish your tasks.

APIs allow you to connect software together to automate tasks that you usually have to do manually.

Services like Zapier allow you to set up custom rules to automate business processes, so you don’t waste time doing them.

2. Integrate With Other Services

When a website offers API access, they are opening the door for you to work with them. By connecting with their services, you are creating a value add for your customers.

Not only will this make your customers happier, but it also opens the door for raising your prices. The more value you add to your customer, the more you can justify new pricing.

3. Increase Your Reach

If you offer an API of your own, you are giving other services a license to use your data. But this doesn’t mean they can use it and not give credit.

When your data is available out on the web, it can drive visitors back to your website. It can help you scale your customer base faster than you could without this increased visibility.

4. Get Access to the Most Current Data

Things change quickly in today’s world. If you don’t have the most current information, then you are going to fall behind your competitors.

If you don’t pull in data from an API, then you could be using outdated information. Your data has to be downloaded and uploaded to your website whenever you want to update it.

An API can get the most current data on the fly. There isn’t a need to keep your records up to date anymore.

5. Monetize Your Data

You can always give your data for free for visibility. But that isn’t your only option.

You can also sell access to your information to add a new revenue stream for your business. An API can give other companies the means to create products of their own to help their bottom line.

Use Web APIs to Improve Your Business

Now that you know how web APIs can help your business, you can start exploring your options. Start to integrate your services today to start saving time and improve the value of your business.

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