5 Popular Types of Websites You Should Know About

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The internet is, essentially, an infinite space. This means that there is room for an infinite amount of websites and webpages, which makes for an incredible amount of competition. With billions of websites already online, how do you set yours apart from the rest?

A good place to start is by choosing the right type of website for your needs. To learn more about the different types of websites there are on the internet, just keep on reading.

What Types of Websites Are There to Choose From?

Before you delve into designing the perfect website for your business, you’ll need to decide on the category of the website and its functionality first. Different websites serve different purposes. So in order to narrow down your goals and website setup, here are some of the most popular to choose from:

1. An eCommerce Website

This type of website is the perfect option if you have a range of products you want to sell to the general public. Nowadays, the most convenient way to reach your audience is online. So marrying your website with the sale of your products is ideal.

Any website that features a display of your products, a shopping cart and a means of providing credit card information in a safe and encrypted way, falls into this website category.

2. A Business Website

This is undoubtedly the most popular type of website on the internet today. If your business doesn’t have one, it’s high time you stepped out of your time portal and entered the 21st century! A business website should represent the overall ethos and aesthetic of your business. It should be branded the same way, including your logo, and business colors.

Most importantly, a business website should clearly outline the services you offer and information on how you can be contacted. There is a myriad of other website essentials, but at the end of the day, these basics are the most crucial.

3. A Portfolio Website

If you’re a professional that offers a specific service, then a portfolio website is ideal for you. It should feature information about your services and examples of your work.

This is the best way to showcase your quality of work to your potential clients. While the idea is similar to a business website, the overall premise is more focused on collecting and displaying your work samples.

4. A Nonprofit Website

A nonprofit website serves the same purpose as a business website. It’s the easiest and most convenient way for a nonprofit organization to talk about their initiatives and for people to make donations. Building a website as a nonprofit is also one of the best ways to prove legitimacy to people who want to support your cause.

A nonprofit website may also feature the same type of payment portal option as an e-commerce website. So you’d need to budget for this extra functionality.

5. An Educational Website

This type of website as important for educational institutes of all kinds. Basically, they offer online courses, access to educational materials, educational resources, lesson timetables, and more.

The overall goal is to serve as a service website, but may also feature subscription models and educational products for purchase, too.

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