4 Great Ideas for Creative Websites That Help You Engage Your Visitors

Jonesen TeamIndustry Insights

Your website is the digital face of your business. It’s what customers see when they first find you through those all-important Google searches. After all, 86% of consumers say they rely on the web to find local businesses.

No matter what your business or site is, your challenge is to engage users from the start. The only way they’ll become continuous customers or visitors is if they feel that connection.

If you’re struggling with engagement, try these ideas for creative websites and features.

1. Include Interactive Features

Why would a user want to read about something when they could do it or demo it themselves? Interactive features in your web design go a long way toward connecting with users and keeping them interested.

The features themselves will depend on your site’s topic. They could include user quizzes, interactive diagrams, games, or any number of other options.

2. Gamify Your Content

If you aren’t familiar, “gamifying” an action means creating a reward system for it. Turn it into a game or a competition.

You can do this with your site by rewarding users for reading your content or taking other actions. For instance, allow them to sign in and earn points for reading your blogs.

When users reach a certain number of points, you can send them a fun product. If you have an e-commerce site, points could also earn users a discount in your store.

3. Take a Multi-Media Approach

Written content is a vital part of any successful site. Not only is it a great way to deliver helpful information, but it’s essential for your search engine optimization so users can find you.

The text shouldn’t be your only medium, though. Throughout your content pages, include other media as well. Have a mixture of videos, pictures, infographics, gifs, you name it.

This catches users’ eyes and keeps them engaged because they never know what’s coming next. It also lets you appeal to the 72% of people who would rather learn through videos than text.

4. Keep the Home Page Simple

Within your site, creativity is a crucial way to appeal to users and keep them interested. Too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing, though.

If your home page is too ornate, it can overwhelm users and lead them to leave. It can also make it harder for users to figure out how to navigate your site.

You should never sacrifice usability to make your site more unique. Sure, users want to be engaged, but if they’re looking for something and can’t find it, they’ll get frustrated and they won’t come back.

Beating Your Competition with Creative Websites

No matter what your website or business is, chances are that it’s a dime a dozen in the vast world of the internet. Creative websites and engaging designs can be the key to setting you apart from your competition.

To get started working toward the website of your users’ dreams, contact our web design specialists today.